About Me

I’m Dr. Carson McPherson, a seasoned leader with a passion for designing, implementing, and delivering addiction treatment programs across Canada. Currently, I proudly hold the position of CEO at ROSC Solutions Group Inc., where my partners and I provide recovery-oriented services to government agencies throughout the country. In addition, I have the privilege of serving as an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

One of my significant achievements was overseeing the operations of Cedars Cobble Hill, a reputable 75-bed residential addiction treatment center, as its CEO. I also took charge of designing and implementing a large-scale hospital-based program in Saskatchewan. Throughout my career, I’ve managed numerous supportive recovery houses in British Columbia, aiming to create a supportive and healing environment for individuals on their recovery journey.

Beyond my executive roles, I’ve actively contributed to the field of addiction and recovery. As a founding Board Member of the British Columbia Addiction Recovery Association, I’ve had the opportunity to shape policies and advocate for positive change. Moreover, I’ve served as a Senior Advisor at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use and played an essential role as a National Policy Committee member for the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine. Collaborating on various provincial and national expert committees, I’ve had the privilege of influencing policies related to addiction and recovery at the provincial level.

My passion for research and thought leadership has driven me to present at numerous national conferences, sharing my insights and engaging with fellow professionals. Through my published work in peer-reviewed journals, I’ve delved into topics such as recovery, recovery capital, recovery-oriented workplaces, chronic pain, health systems, and the profound impact of addiction on the family system.

I believe in the power of education and have dedicated myself to academic pursuits. I hold a doctorate in social sciences, reflecting my commitment to understanding the multifaceted nature of addiction, as well as master’s degrees in science and business administration.

I am wholeheartedly devoted to advancing addiction treatment and recovery. My journey has allowed me to witness the transformative power of compassion, resilience, and personalized care. With every step, I strive to make a difference and provide individuals with the support they need to overcome addiction and embrace a healthier, fulfilling life.